Lyden Moon  Lyden Moon is a melodic instrumental guitar trio - Lyden Moon (guitar), Dan Jung (drums), Mark Kangas (bass guitar) performing mainly in the Milwaukee, WI / Madison, WI / Greater Chicago-land area.  While easily able to shred anybody's face, Moon has chosen to expand upon how most people view instrumental rock bands, concentrating on thought out melodies with the guitar being the band "vocalist".  Accolades meet the band with each new recording and live show.  Each of Lyden Moon's first four CDs have sold out primarily at shows showing just how much the band can deliver their intricate recordings in a live setting.

(I am Band Manager)

NUNA  NUNA is a heavy melodic rock band out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin who made a big splash in the mid 2000s leading to a label offer from Elektra Records.  The band - Nuna Minch (guitar/vocals), Anya Minch (bass guitar) and a few different drummers - made their name by being relentless road warriors performing regularly each year in the NE quadrant of the country, Minneapolis, St Louis heading east  through Chicago, Lansing, MI, Columbus, OH, Indy, etc all the way out to multiple performances in New York City (CBGBs, Continental Club).  After the death of the band's last drummer, Nuna took some time off to write, direct and film the movie BRUTAL and work on band videos.  Now with search underway for a new drummer, NUNA is ready to make music again. (Nuna's site until band starts performing again)

(I am Band Manager)

FEET OF CLAY  FEET OF CLAY is a power pop trio out of southeastern Wisconsin.  They (Ralph Bruner - guitar, vocals, Noel Crowder - bass guitar, vocals, Steve Comeau - drums) have gained airplay and CD sales across the US as well as internationally.  Rave reviews were heaped on the band as well with even the Bible of Music, Billboard Magazine chipping in with "Knowledgeable musicianship working together with skillful songwriting...breathy vocals, aching harmonies and irresistible melodies."  After a bit of a hiatus where guitarist Bruner took time to compose and perform for television, movie and other mediums, the band is finishing up the follow-up to their debut and will hit people with more "irresistible melodies" soon.

(I am Band Manager)


Donoma  Donoma is a wildly eclectic rock band out of the burgeoning music scene in Kenosha, Wisconsin.  With the band's first CD "A Sight of the Sun", the 5-piece established itself as an artsy band that could jam and rock with the best in the area.  Fueled by front-woman Stephanie Vogt (guitar, keyboards, mandolin, flute, vocals and songwriting) and mile a minute idea man, drummer and songwriter Israel Alpizar Donoma has expanded it's repertoire into a broad palette sound that caught the attention of platinum producer/engineer Mike Hoffmann.  Expect plenty of others to fall under the band's spell as well.

(I am a consultant/advisor for the band, Bob Vogt is Manager).

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